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Monday, November 5, 2012

A drive through Harare

I've just returned from a three week trip back to my hometown - Harare, Zimbabwe. I had mixed emotions before arriving, having been away so long and not quite knowing what to expect. What I found surprised me, not because of any dramatic changes, but how much it essentially was still the same, and even more surprising, how much I still felt at home.
 I thought I'd take you all on a quick drive through Harare, where currently it's Spring and all the trees are in full bloom.

Many of the streets close to the city centre are lined with Jacaranda trees on both sides and the effect in full bloom in simply spectacular. 

Unfortunately we missed the peak of Jacaranda season, but most of the trees were still in bloom providing the city with soft lilac coloured canopies and carpets. 

My view from the veranda during breakfast.

The bright red-orange Flamboyant trees had started to bloom towards the end of the trip. 

Peachy-pink Frangipani trees (also known as Plumeria) are scattered all around filling the air with their soft, intoxicating scent. 

Between the bright hedges of bougainvillea everywhere and the shots of bright colour in all the floral trees, the landscape felt vibrantly alive, despite the fact that it was the dry season and much of the grass was still a sandy straw colour.

Bright carpets of flower petals littered the ground all around in varying shades from lilac to yellow to bright red.

{All photos: Sharalee Mushore}