Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiration for the new week 28.5.12

It's been forever since I posted here! I got caught up in a whirlwind of work, overseas guests, weddings, art projects and so much more. Of course the longer I put off posting the more daunting it became and the guiltier I began to feel. While it definitely is a labour of love, that constant effort and that nagging feeling of something left to do can sometimes make blogging feel like a bit of a burden and leave you feeling a little failure when you don't manage to meet all your own standards. I'm finally going to be able to make some big changes in my work life in the upcoming weeks, in pursuit of a better work/life balance and doing fewer things really well rather than several at half rate. I'm really excited about this as it's been a goal of mine for quite some time. These changes will allow me to manage my time more efficiently and also devote the time and effort to this site that I've wanted to. Thank you so much for continuing to stop by despite a bit of dead air here recently, can't wait to share some changes with you in the upcoming weeks. 

Wishing you all a fantastic start to your week!

In every moment, you make a choice, and those choices add up to the life you experience. You can choose to follow your purpose, and to achieve what you know deep inside you can, or you can choose to avoid your greatest possibilities.

Ralph Marston 

{Photos: Foras Studio}

Friday, May 4, 2012

Audrey Hepburn, on her birthday

Today, May 4th is Audrey Hepburn's birthday. I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by sharing Philippe Halsman's series La Vigna taken in the Italian countryside in 1954. I love her chic cropped haircut, breezy casual outfits and simple sandals. She is luminous, energetic yet elegant in this casual setting and it's one my favourite series of her.

"Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present, and I don't want 
to spoil any of it by fretting about the future."

Audrey Hepburn

{Photos: Philippe Halsman}

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Delicious design: Lolita cafe in Ljubljana, Slovenia

While there is never a shortage of beautiful interiors around here, a conversation with a commercial designer friend the other day brought me to realize how much I often neglect to feature commercial spaces. I feel like we can often be quite unobservant within commercial spaces, despite the huge impact that they can have on our lives, influencing what we buy and often where we spent a good portion of our lives. Our experience in a everyday space such as Starbucks, is the result of hundreds of hours of careful thought and deliberation and while we're often unaware of it, we're undoubtedly manipulated by the design choices of this space. I find this whole psychological aspect of spaces and interiors quite fascinating.

So with a renewed mission to show off more beautiful commercial spaces, I thought I'd start off with one that was knock-your-socks-off fantastic. I was a little awestruck to discover the Lolita cafe in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A collaboration between the Kaval Group and Trije Arhitekti this cafe really delivers a full package with the aesthetic of the space and the fine crafted desserts they serve, both seem to work together flawlessly. The focal point of the space is undoubtedly the large scale printed mural on the scallop shaped ceiling. Soft, feminine with black accents for a little bit of modern edge, its a perfect fit with macaroons and fancy cakes. The rest of the space is styled quite simply, yet each detail feels very thoughtful. Black pendant lighting and accents ground the space add a bit of edge, preventing the space from becoming too frou-frou or feminine; the herringbone floor below has a multitude of different wood stains ranging from warm honey to soft pink and grey. There are layers and layers of interesting detail to enjoy in this space, as it is just as  much a treat for the eyes as the delicious desserts they serve. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crystal Bulbs by Lee Broom

More often than not, what takes a space from nice to spectacular is not a show stopping display or elaborate styling, its the little subtle details that at a glance may go unnoticed, but as you look closer, are what make the space really special. I love how UK based designer Lee Broom has taken a humble, everyday object like a lightbulb and turned into a veritable treasure. These Crystal bulbs are a follow-up to his very successful Decanterlight series (another favourite of mine) and are individually hand blown then cut with a classic crystal pattern.

For orders and information contact Lee Broom.

{Photos: Lee Broom}

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Listed: One charming apartment in Göteborg, Sweden

This past weekend, the conversation in our home led us to start exploring the notion of a possible move to Scandinavia. No tickets purchased as of yet, however, I thought I'd do a little preemptive apartment searching. (No encouragement necessary -internet real estate stalking is probably one of my favourite hobbies.) Unsurprisingly, I found that beautiful apartments appear to come standard in this corner of the world and Scandinavians seem quite spoilt for choice. This beautiful apartment in Göteborg, Sweden has me ready to pack my bags. 


There's a charming mix of styles and time periods in this space, giving a fresh, approachable feeling to the space. 

Love the original architectural details in this building from the late 1800s.

A tulle skirt makes an easy, and quite romantic DIY chandelier.

Perhaps it's also just being 'photo shoot ready', but I love the abundance of flower and little houseplants throughout the entire home. They really do add a bit of life and of course, beautiful colour.

A charming room for a little one - the fabric buntings add a bit of a festive feeling and I love how all the lampshades are covered with little birds and butterflies. (I used to do this for my younger sisters with handcut paper butterflies so that they would cast beautiful shadows at night.)

The staircase tucked away in the corner leading up to a loft workroom.

A perfect nook for getting a little work done or taking a moment for oneself.

 Bright white with soaring ceilings, this kitchen seems like where I'd like to start and finish my day.

Despite having no windows, this entrance hall feels bright and airy thanks to the all white floors, walls, and ceiling. Even here, a few houseplants warm up the area and stop if from feeling too clinical. 

Just a touch of pretty wallpaper in the otherwise all white space. Adds such a romantic feeling to this hallway, especially paired with the chandelier. 

{All photos: Stadshem}


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