Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flora by Nick Knight

Acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight is known for his edgy images and innovative techniques.  In his current exhibition, Flora, he shows off the final product of a project he started in 1993. He spent over three years collecting and sorting through the Natural History Museum herbarium's six million specimens to select just 45 specimens to photograph and exhibit at his SHOWstudio location in Mayfair, London. In contrast to the crisp, precise studies of these natural specimens, he has also included an additional series of floral still lifes that he has specially developed using a innovative technique that blurs the line between photography and painting, manipulating photographs with heat and water during the development process. The effect is quite fascinating and hauntingly beautiful. 

You can visit Nick Knight's Flora exhibit at SHOWstudio in London until December 21st, 2012.

{All photos by Nick Knight}


Dancing Branflake said...

Beautiful! To see it in person would be amazing.

miss b said...

The colours are so vibrant and these are so creative. I would love to visit the exhibition.

Pavilion said...
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escapade said...

DB- agreed! In person they must be even more stunning!
Miss B - you should definitely try to see it in person if you can. I wish I were going to be in London during that period to see it myself.

Designwali said...


Nomadic D. said...

These are stunning! So nice to see people stepping out of their own personal comfort zone, especially folks who are highly successful at what they do. And what a bonus when the results are so gorgeous!