Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Understated glamour - a Parisian apartment

Perhaps it's because we've just had our first 'real' snowfall and are currently enveloped in a blanket of soft white, but I've turned back once again to my favourite palette - black and white. There's something so timeless about this palette, it always just feels right to me. 

This beautiful Parisian apartment caught my eye right away - the beautiful mix of classic Parisian architecture from the Hausmann era - wood moldings, chevron floors, soaring windows opening up to elegant little balconies - paired with new modern classic furniture - Philippe Starck's Lord Yo and Ghost chairs and vintage leather Courreges chairs. The casually leaned art in the hallway and the understated black and white palette give the space that relaxed elegance or 'accidentally fabulous' look that Parisians always seem to pull off so perfectly - not too forced or contrived. Despite the ornate architecture and some high brow pieces, there's an easiness about the space that makes it seem so livable.

I loved the irreverent mix in this room - the ornate, classical bust on the mantle easily coexisting with a stack of magazines and a vintage fan. And underneath the desk - a galvanized steel trash can.

Had to include this photo (below) -it further proves what a perfect fit this apartment would be for me - look, there are my initials right on the mantle :)

Love the modern mix of stainless steel and modern appliances in this a traditional 19th century apartment. The pops of bright yellow and tangerine bring such a cheerful energy to this monochromatic space.

{All photos: Amador Toril via French by Design  (my latest blog crush, and definitely one to add to your reader!)}


Diana Mieczan said...

Its a beautiful place...Our apartment looks a bit like this one:) Im in love with the floors:)
Kisses and hugs, darling

Dancing Branflake said...

I adore! Black and white always seems right to me also.

Natalie Bray said...

I want to live here! Gorgeous!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Ah the herringbone floors, gorgeous moulding, high ceilings and giant windows make me so happy. Also love the always elegant palate and stunning mirrors- gorgeous!!! xo

Daniella said...

Love this apt. French by Design is great!

Caroline said...

Qhat a fabulous home! I am redoing my bedroom and I am going for a black and white palate. It is so classic and sophisticated. I love the look of wood floors but don't have the time or funds right now to re-sand and stain the wood.

Renee ( said...

This place is stunning! I love it all :)

Suite Henry said...

Must. Move. In. Now.