Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Music + a view: a modern home in Beverly Hills, California

This striking modern home nestled among the oaks in Beverly Hills, California was designed by Walker Woodshop Design Build for a client who is a concert-level amateur violinist. Their client's two specifications had to be kept in mind -supreme quiet, so that he could focus on listening to and playing music, and a venue to play for others. The space was built around the bones of a 1940s era barn and expanded with a modern structure clad in wood to help it blend more seamlessly with its surrounding environment. The result was a modern open concept home boasting a living room that doubles as an 80 person concert hall and views that should be soaked in and savoured. 

Photo: Jose Mandojana for Dwell, 2, 4 - Nicholas Alan Cope for Walker Woodshop Design Build

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Olive and June, Los Angeles, California

Sometimes you come across a commercial space so lovely that you'd love to move right in. That's how I felt when I felt came across Olive and June - a simply chic nail salon in Los Angeles, California on Sarah Sherman Samuel's Instagram (such a beautiful feed if you're not already following!) The soft neutral palette in all white with a peachy tones floor, warm leather, blond wood and woven accents. The whole look is cohesive and works so beautifully together. The mood is soft, serene, and perfect for a little pampering pick me up. It's also inspiring me to treat myself to a long overdue (and well deserved, in my opinion) mani/ pedi this weekend - it's been a long week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beyond basic black + white: Pond, Sydney Australia

As much as I'm often drawn in by bright vivid colours, whenever I see a pared down neutral space done well, something inside me just says 'Yes!' Call me monotonous and boring, it may be a fate I just have to accept, but basic black and white uplifted with metallics and natural accents just make me happy. I can't help but (quite literally) come home to them every time. I came across an email in my inbox the other day that I'd sent to myself with a link to this feature in Est magazine, entitled simply with an exclamation  mark. After clicking on it, I immediately fell right back in love with this beautiful shop in Sydney, Australia. Pond is a fashion and homewares boutique owned by Liz Leuchars with a  pared down aesthetic that is a testament to the power of restrained good taste. Nothing in this space seems fussy or overwrought. Just understated, elegant and timeless.