Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rothschild & Bickers Bespoke Lighting

I am always a fan of a good mix and match set. I love how they allow you to complete something custom and unique from a selection of basic elements and features. I was delighted to discover Rothschild & Bickers a custom lighting studio in Hertford, UK who offer a range of styles and colours where you can mix and match the elements to create bespoke pieces. Founded by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers, the studio uses age old glass blowing techniques and traditional machinery before crafting and assembling each piece by hand. With vibrant colour options in their glass and cords and a creative mix of classical lighting components, they are a delightful twist on traditional style. 

Here are some of their pieces in action. The colourful glass pendants add a bit of character to this minimal modern Notting Hill residence by Studio 1 Architects in London.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

White open spaces

Uber-realtor Fantastic Frank really take the game of showing and stages apartments for sale up a notch. And being based in Stockholm he has some amazing material to work with. This bright open white kitchen dominates this living space and really is the focal point of the home. It made me think about the notion of mixing up traditional floor plans - why not have a massive kitchen and a smaller lounge area if that's more where you spend your time? Furthermore, during those precious warm months, why not switch things up and move some of the living furniture out onto the patio to create an outdoor oasis and a refreshing change? Taking things a little out of the box and switching up elements you may already have often opens up a space in surprising ways. 

All images: Fantastic Frank

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lili Chin: Dogs of the World illustrations

It's no secret that I'm absolutely mad about dogs - both my own and everyone else's. I truly think they are some of the loveliest creatures on earth and that we are really privileged to be able to share our close friendship with them. I know I'm definitely not alone in my passion as millions of dog lovers all over the world would agree. It's quite fascinating to see the diversity and characteristics of each breed  and how these have evolved over time. While some more common breeds have become household names, it's easy to forget the diversity of where all these breeds originated. Illustrator Lili Chin has created a series of prints called Dogs of The World featuring illustrations of different dog breeds and where they  come from. These charming prints are available to purchase at Society 6

 All images by illustrator Lili Chin