Friday, December 5, 2014

An all white Christmas in the sun

Last year we visited Sweden over the Christmas season and I got to witness first hand the magic of Scandinavian Christmas traditions and decor. They go all out for the season, but not in a garish, flashy way - there's a humility and simplicity to their Christmas decor - often in neutral colours or all white (my favourite Christmas palette!) and with lots of natural touches of paper, greenery and wood accents. It really brightens up the deep darkness of winter in this region. This year we'll be heading back home to Southern Africa to celebrate Christmas with family. I'm extremely excited as this will be my first Christmas at 'home' in almost fourteen years! Having grown up with the tradition of a warm weather Christmas (December is the height of summer down there!) the Christmas season always meant outdoor gatherings, barbecues and swimming after Christmas dinner. I loved this beautiful Spanish home in El Meuble that easily married the coziness and charm of Scandinavian holiday decor with a fresh indoor outdoor feeling. Proving once again that you can never go wrong (in my opinion) with all white Christmas decor - it easily acclimates itself to any location.  

Photos: El Meuble 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One (very) Fine Stay: Cobble Hill Park, New York

Sometimes I am so taken with interiors I see online or in magazines that I wish I could have a chance to go and explore them in person. This beautiful home in Cobble Hill Park in New York was one of those spaces for me - and in this case, not only seeing it in person, but actually staying in it is a real possibility. Looking like shots straight out of Domino magazine, this home is actually one of the available rentals through One Fine Stay - a hotel alternative that allows you to stay in the beautiful  homes of locals in major cities (so far - London, New York and Los Angeles). I love the open airy feeling of this light filled home and the casual, yet traditional style. It really has the feeling of a well loved family home - one I'd love to move straight into! Check out the full listing for even more beautiful images - and, if it's a slow day - take some time to explore some of the other gorgeous One Fine Stay offerings - some seriously drool worthy interiors to be found! This is definitely no Air Bnb. 

All photos: One Fine Stay

Monday, December 1, 2014

19 Queen's Gate: turn your own art into personalized textiles

Ask any parent, and no matter the pedigree of their art collection at home, they'll tell you that the pieces that are closest to their heart are the ones created for them by their little ones. While the notion of children's drawing on furniture and decor often conjures up notions of fear and trouble (I have a clear memory of scrubbing one of my own drawings off the wall at home many, many years back - some people just don't appreciate an impromptu mural! - Sorry Mum!), 19 Queen's Gate has created a beautiful way of turning your little one's masterpieces into beautiful textiles and pillows to use in your home. Using an image you take of their artwork, they custom make a beautiful design and have it printed onto pillows that you can use to bring a shot of colour and creativity into your home. Or why not even try your own masterpiece - it's a lovely way to bring a truly personalized touch into your home - or a creative personal gift for someone else. 

All photos: 19 Queen's Gate