Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Patrick Dempsey's Family Home in Malibu

I'm having major house envy after exploring actor Patrick Dempsey's Malibu home. One of famed architect Frank Gehry's early homes, it is a modern design gem - with clean lines, dramatic angles and an indoor/ outdoor flow throughout the home. While the decor is a little more on the industrial / rustic side than I'd personally choose, it has been done quite beautifully and provides a rich contrast to the crisp modern architecture of the home. 

'The Tin House', as it has been named, has an assuming entrance as you first approach, with a dramatic flourish as you near the home 

Love the idea of strips of coloured neon lights as an art installation! This simple piece, combined with the dramatic oversized front door are one of my favourite parts of the home. 

The crisp, cool modern design is warmed up with a rich Moroccan rug underfoot and a plush daybed as you enter the home.

Throughout the home is a balance between rugged and refined, seen in the contrast between the huge wall of shelving for chopped wood with the tailored tuxedo sofas and silk rug. 

A very comfortable, but still casual every day eating area. The pictures above are from The Bubble Series by Melvin Sokolsky.

There are a lot of heavy rustic and industrial elements in this home, but it is balanced by the multiple skylights, high ceilings,  all white walls that keep the space looking light and airy. 

A little

A beautiful and bountiful raised vegetable garden. I'm a terrible gardener but someday I hope to be good. 

A lounge-y outdoor space around the fire pit, for enjoying summer evenings with friends. 

Now he's just rubbing it in - this country home even comes complete with mini donkeys and an outdoor pizza oven! 

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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Ludlow Hotel, New York City

Just over a week ago, we had a quick little getaway to New York. I always love going to New York, and the city has a special significance for us as this was where, after years of friendship, our romantic relationship really started. With just four days, it flew by in a bit of a whirlwind, as most trips to New York tend to do. We spent our days, and most evenings, out taking in a bit of shopping, restaurants, dinners and drinks with old friends and the big feature of the trip which was Liverpool vs Man City at Yankee Stadium.

With the ferocious pace of the city and limited time, our little refuge for these few days was our suite at the Ludlow Hotel. Newly opened and currently in its 'soft open' phase,  the Ludlow is a new boutique hotel on the Lower East side by 'hipster hotelier' Sean MacPherson. The location was a fantastic jump off point for downtown adventures, just a stone's throw away from the shops in Soho and, very conveniently, right across the street from the iconic Swartz's Deli (site of the famous 'I'll have what she's having' lunch in When Harry Met Sally) and loads of little cafes and restaurants. 

The room was small but very thoughtfully decorated with luxe furniture pieces handpicked by MacPherson himself -hammered gold Moroccan pendants, petrified stone end tables from Organic Modernism, rugs sourced from India (the one is our room was a soft silk Moroccan patterned one that felt amazing underfoot after a long day on your feet!) and of course - my favourite feature, a pair of little purple occasional chairs with plush sheepskins thrown over them. The space in our room was really tight, we had opted for the suite with a terrace, however, and that was huge. You really could have a party for 10 - 15 people out there easily! (So if you're planning a little soiree on your next getaway, this is the place to stay!) While space was tight, it still felt quite airy and spacious with higher ceilings and exposed beams painted white.

My favourite part of the room was the bathroom, which was quite large, especially in comparison with the room. Vintage inspired with all white and marble with brass hardware and accents throughout. 

Downstairs the hotel's lounge had a very cool vibe (and great cocktails too!) with lighting fixtures from the New York studio Apparatus and some brutalist style pieces throughout the space. The patio just outside was perfect for a summer evening cocktail - in a vine covered courtyard with a multitude of coloured glass lanterns up above. 

Photos: 1 -4 Ludlow Hotel; 5- Apparatus

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bright + Balmy - Paintings by Teil Duncan

The last few weeks of summer seem to be flying by and I'd love to slow time down a little to savour it that much more. The bright beachy images by Teil Duncan remind me of some of my most favourite summer moments. Full of light, bright colour and set by the water. I love her abstracted style, and use of strong brush strokes mixed with small details and her sense of colour. The abstraction of the images make them feel like hazy memories of the perfect summer day at the beach.

All images: Teil Duncan