Thursday, April 23, 2015

The power of paint and colour

No matter what area of design you work in, the ability to work with colour and pattern is an essential tool of any designer. Often this skill can overflow into other areas of design from fashion to interiors to graphics and so on. Recently, Dulux paints were impressed by Australian fashion designers Ginger and Smart and their strong use of colour, and approached them to create an interior based on their new Arcadia collection. The result is a vibrant play of colour and even patterns brought together with a bit of an unexpected twist in the interior of this small bungalow. Really shows how, with a bit of colour know-how (and artistic skill!) - just paint can elevate a simple space into a dramatic showpiece.

Love the bright turquoise door - and painted accents on the potted plants outside, definitely draws you in right away.

A basic bookshelf becomes a veritable showstopper with a vibrant and playful mix of colours.

Patterns inspired by their fashion collection are put right onto the walls to create a stunning focal point in the rooms. Love the pairing of strong black and white stripes with soft peach, taupe and copper. 

This painted floral mural goes beyond the walls and extends up the ceiling, providing a dramatic contrast and definitely brightening up the off-black walls of this small bedroom space. 

All photos: Vogue Living

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Nursery plans

It didn't take too long before the excitement of expecting a baby spilled over into a newfound excitement over creating a special space for our little one. I want to design a room that still flows with the soft, neutral palette of the rest of the home, but also captures just a bit of magic to inspire a young imagination. While it's easy to get carried away in the beautiful world of Pinterest with calm pastel toned nurseries filled with elegant furniture, fine antiques and handmade wooden toys, I also accept that a children's room will naturally attract bright vibrant colours and the inevitable bits of bright plastic. Keeping this in mind I'm trying to create a space that is light and neutral in soft white and grey tones, but where a few bright colours don't look out of place and a colourful toy may seem like more of a fun accent rather than something garish and clashing. My first purchase, was of course, highly practical - a large, oversized plush giraffe. From there most of the room is in grey and white with a few accents in lilac and soft blue. Here are a few inspirational images and pieces on the shopping list...

Crochet Handmade Panda pillow (babies love black and white!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Subtle colour accents

This space by Australian designer Fiona Lynch caught my eye immediately when I first saw it on Vogue Living and has become a part of my current nursery design plans. The soft palette and neutral colours make for a calm and soothing space, but it is still anything but boring when unexpected colour accents and hints of metallic copper and gold tones are added to the mix.