Friday, February 27, 2015

The Decorist Showhouse by 30 Collins

Calm, soothing, comfortable... three words that immediately come to mind when seeing the Decorist Show House by 30 Collins and New York and LA based design firm founded by Nicole Heininger and David Corbin. Designed completely in soft neutral tones and light coloured woods, the space has a very light, bright and airy feeling, with a nod to bohemian  and mid century modern details. This is a great example of an all white space looking very warm and approachable, through using several shades of white, cream and beige and accents of soft grey. Natural wood and brass accents add a bit of extra warmth that make the space really glow. 

All photos: 30 Collins

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Splashes of Inky Indigo

Indigo blue has always been one of my most favourite hues, and I for one am quite thrilled that it seems to be having a bit of a moment in the spotlight recently. Strong, classic but yet subtle and mysterious it can make a dramatic statement or simply be a neutral. Lately I've been seeing splashes  of indigo in lots of different decor from art to ceramics, I love the carefree abstract feeling in this class colour combination. 

Artwork - Zoe Bios Creative |  Cell phone cases - Julia Kostreva
Como cups and saucers - Crate and Barrel |  Serving bowl set - Chris Earl 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Warm grey and brass tones: an apartment in Stockholm

Stalking Swedish real estate pages has become a regular habit of mine - I find them to be such a treasure trove of beautiful design ideas! So many of their listings look like they are straight from the pages of a shelter magazine. Their clever use of small spaces and penchant for a basic, neutral colour palette show time and time again the effectiveness of keeping things simple. In this space, what drew me in immediately was the soft taupe toned cabinetry with brass hardware used in the kitchen and bedroom that really warm things up and add a bit of richness to the otherwise stark and all white space.